Becoming a Member of the Churchill Society of Pennsylvania (CSP):

The Churchill Society of Pennsylvania is the official Pennsylvania Chapter of the International Churchill Society (ICS). Pennsylvania residents who become members of the ICS will automatically receive complimentary/dual membership in the Churchill Society of Pennsylvania. As such, you will receive regular correspondences and updates from both the ICS and CSP. As a member of the ICS and CSP, among other things, you will receive the award-winning quarterly Journal of Winston Churchill, Finest Hour (available in both print and digital editions), along with a monthly email newsletter, Churchill Bulletin and access and invites to member exclusive events and premium content from the ICS and CSP.

Members are also invited to attend the International Churchill Conference held each year in North America or the United Kingdom, and local events in Pennsylvania hosted by the CSP.

Members also enjoy discounted rates at historic Churchill sites in the United States and the United Kingdom, at its conferences, and on books by and about Sir Winston.


Having fled socialism, I know first-hand the ruination it brings to one’s life and one’s country. The idea of conformity to a preset life outcome deeply troubled me. The beauty of the ‘English-speaking’ countries, is that they’ve paved the way to freedom for all peoples and nations to follow. Churchill’s legacy will forever endure so long as hearts and minds yearn to breathe free.

His lessons are timeless, and most certainly are needed today more than ever. It is a true blessing to be part of a society that reaches beyond the stars when it comes to keeping his memory alive and passing on his story to the next generation. I will keep buggering on. Come join us!

Geovana Benedetto
Vice President, Churchill Society of Pennsylvania